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How To Find The Best Price On Prescription Glasses


Many people need prescription eyeglasses to see properly. Unfortunately, this necessity can be expensive. Also, as the eyes worsen, new prescriptions may be necessary resulting in additional pairs of glasses. Fortunately, it is possible to find cheap prescription glasses with the following suggestions.


The best solution for saving money on your glasses is insurance. Those who have eye insurance are often eligible for a free pair of glasses (up to a certain dollar limit) every one to two years. Many companies provide this benefit for their employees for a minimal fee. This small fee is taken out before taxes and rarely makes a difference on their total paycheck amount. If you do not have this benefit, ask your personal insurance company about it. In some instances the costs of this insurance are substantially less then the benefits provided.



Buy Your Own Frames

In addition, many people looking for affordable glasses options purchase their own eyeglass frames. Sometimes the frame options provided by the doctor are expensive. If you purchase the frames on your own, you can usually save money. Any doctor should be able to add prescription lenses to these frames to make them appropriate for your eyes. Buying your own frames is also a great way to find the specific style that works best for you.

Shop Online

Another option for affordable glasses is the Internet. Many online stores even sell prescription lenses with their frames. If you know your prescription, you can place an order online and save money instantly. Online stores tend to offer more competitive prices than other places because they have a fewer overhead costs. In addition, they also have more options because they do not need to carry the physical product in a store. Also, most insurance companies will credit you for an online purchase of prescription glasses.




Compare Prices

Next, make sure to compare prices. Too often, people make the mistake of purchasing the first item they find. In many instances, this option is the higher price option. Although you need your glasses to see, try not to rush the purchase so much that you miss out on the best deal. Instead, compare prices and selections offered by the doctor’s office, eyeglass shops, and online stores. With a little effort, you can find the best price for your glasses purchase.



Standard Prescription Glasses

Finally, many standard prescription glasses are actually sold in drug stores and convenience stores. Readers and bifocals are commonly available at these locations. In most instances, they provide temporary vision help. They can be used until a person can afford their own prescription glasses, and they are extremely helpful for reading and around the house activities. Many women also like to carry these glasses in their handbags in case they need assistance seeing. However, it is important to understand that these glasses do not take the place of the prescription glasses your doctor has prescribed. Instead, they should be used for temporary aid or as an additional pair of glasses to have on hand.

Remember, good vision is essential. It is worth the money to have the proper prescription glasses. Fortunately, prescription glasses can be obtained at a low cost through various means.